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Luna Jaffe | Where Creativity, Money and Marketing MeetIn this episode of Driving Your Marketing Ely talks with guest Luna Jaffe about her marketing strategy with using the World Domination Summit as a way to network, meet great people and collect Money Stories.

Luna has turned the tables on how a financial planner should look and act and have weaved her unique branding and authentic self into her marketing and image to stand out and attract the clients that she LOVES working with!

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The question of “Are you being you?” and how to ensure that you are
  • The power of stories and using them in your marketing
  • How people connect better with metaphors
  • Where to start creating an experience for your clients that doesn’t stop
  • How to use Kickstarter as not just a funding course but a marketing tool
  • and much more!


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  1. […] Luna Jaffe is the Founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial, Ltd, a boutique advisory firm providing holistic money management and financial planning for clients with portfolios ranging from $500k to $10+ million. Luna is the author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom; Wild Money: A Financial Field Guide and Journal and Zguide to Money: A Sassy Woman’s Visual Financial Field Guide. […]

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