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Shawna SchuhShawna Schuh, Certified Speaking Professional, brings a wealth of information and experience to the platform- plus she’s funny!

Business Owner since 1983, Registered Vocational Instructor with the State of Oregon, Past Regional Director of Fashion Group International of Portland, and Past President of National Speakers Association of Oregon are just a few of the things that make Shawna such a compelling and experienced presenter.

Shawna provides real world information that works from someone who has proven that the strategies she shares can make a huge impact on your business and life. What this means to you is that you are guaranteed usable information, delivered in a highly entertaining way with original stories, tons of laughter and food for thought.

Shawna is also the author of 51 Ways to Pick Up Your Get Up & Go! & How to Nail Voice Mail as well as the electronic book, How to Out Finesse the Competition and five booklets in the Social-Graces series. She is a columnist, former co-host of a business radio talk show and creator and constant contributor to

There are many great speakers in the world and lots of excellent information.

Shawna Schuh, CSP delivers an exceptional experience that will not only be fun and informational, it will give you the skills to build deeper connections and increased credibility with people because in the end – it’s always about people!

Episode 062 Driving Your Marketing – Shawna Schuh: People Skills for Professionals

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