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Pamela Gockley | What Is Reputation Management Anyway?With all the buzz around “reputation management” in today’s world a lot of us are still asking “What EXACTLY does that mean?”

Everyone’s talking about it and selling you a bunch of services around it but a lot of business owners aren’t sure what it really means to their business and how it affects them.

Well, in today’s episode of Driving Your Marketing Ely talks with Pamela Gockley about what Reputation Management really is and how you can take control and leave the impression you want with your prospects & customers.

In this jam packed show you’ll discover:

  • One simple definition of “Reputation” that defines it all
  • How to become what your clients NEED
  • The 3 D’s of Reputation Management
  • When you should “re-position” yourself
  • And much, much more!

In This Episode:


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