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Honoree Corder | Turn Your Vision Into RealityJoin Ely on this episode of Driving Your Marketing with guest Honoree Corder as we talk about how to turn “Vision Into Reality”.

Based on her new book, Honoree shares her formula for how to take that picture you have and turn it into reality.

Ely & Honoree share some great insights on why entrepreneurship is the only way you will fully benefit from your actions, what it takes to have an ownership mentality and why short term massive action will win every time.

Discover, in this episode:

  • The single one thing that helped us both and you should never be without in business
  • Why Plan B isn’t an option
  • How one single thing can make the shift you’re looking for and how to listen for it
  • When to think “simple math” and not complicate things
  • One thing you need to be doing in your business to really get people to trust you
  • and much, much more!



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8 Responses to “DYM 081 – Honoree Corder: Turn Your Vision Into Reality”
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  1. The bottom line is that you must do daily actions to accomplish your goal. You plan the night before, you take action the next day, then you review it and last but not least you adjust. If you follow those steps then you will be on your way to success.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    1. DYM Producer says :

      Great stuff Lawrence!
      Thanks for sharing.


  2. Working for myself seems to be the only way I can get full satisfaction as well. Great podcast!

    1. DYM Producer says :

      Yup, That’s why we do it!

      Thanks for posting Taya.

  3. Nathaniel Kidd says :

    Thanks for sharing this podcast. Some very good viewpoints.

    1. DYM Producer says :

      You are very welcome Nathaniel,


  4. I loved this. Honoree had a great wit and charm about herself throughout the interview. It made her so relatable which made it real and accessible for me. She gave great tips and helped me to understand where I could look at where to change things for myself. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. DYM Producer says :


      Yes, Honoree is a total Rockstar. That’s why I loved having here on the show.
      So glad that you liked it!


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