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Rick MulreadyRick Mulready is a New Hampshire-born, gluten-free, ice hockey loving, bulletproof coffee drinking dude who got tired of the long cold winters and headed west to Southern California about 9 years ago.

When he packed his car up to drive to the west coast, he knew just two people in LA. He also didn’t have a place to live or job lined up. He just went for it, which is kinda his style.
It’s safe to say he had no clue what he was getting himself into. 9 years later, though, he would say it was the best decision He ever made.

Maybe it’s because Rick met his wife there. Or maybe it’s because they now live in one of the coolest cities, San Diego, among their amazing friends.

From 2000 – 2012, corporate Internet advertising was Rick’s world, having worked for the likes of AOL, Yahoo!, Funny Or Die (yes, he got to meet Will Ferrell a few times and says he’s awesome), and Vibrant Media.

Rick got to see the good and the bad (feel free to ask him about “the bad”) of online advertising, working with Fortune 500 brands to small businesses, running all different kinds of online ad campaigns.

The more time he spent in the big brand corporate ad world, though, the more he realized that small businesses didn’t have the same online advertising opportunities that the larger companies did.

Rick noticed that social media, Facebook in particular, had become amazing opportunities for small businesses to market themselves.

And as you might guess, with his background, Rick was naturally drawn to the advertising side of Facebook and how entrepreneurs and small businesses could use it to grow their business.

So in 2010, while still in the corporate world, he decided to teach himself everything he could learn about Facebook ads. Rick started running campaigns for businesses, wrote a “beginner’s guide to Facebook ads” book, and worked on developing and honing his own system for using FB ads to generate leads and sales. He was hooked.

At the end of 2012, he scratched his entrepreneurial itch and left his six-figure job to start his own business, focusing full-time on Facebook and social media marketing.

Today, in addition to the podcast, Rick create training programs for entrepreneurs and online marketers that show you how to get results from today’s social media — specifically Facebook advertising.

Rick’s Facebook ads programs are based on his years of testing, the thousands of dollars he has spent figuring out what works, and case studies from his own daily ads as well as those of his clients. You could say that he is a complete nerd when it comes to this stuff — he loves it.

Episode 083 Driving Your Marketing – Rick Mulready: Facebook Ads On A Budget

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