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Rich Griffin | How I Got 80% Response From A Single Email & Why Email Marketing Rocks!Does email marketing still work?

In big bold letters… YES and in today’s show, Ely & guest Rich Griffin talk about how to get your emails opened, read and responded to.

How you write your emails does make the difference and Rich is going to share his email that got him a 80% open rate while the industry average is only 10-20%!

In this show you’ll discover:

  • How Rich made a VERY vanilla product stand out and get people excited to call him
  • Why even a small list of 300 or less can still create a windfall for you
  • What to do to get your readers to “Raise Their hand” and let you know they want more!
  • Where to split test and massively increase your engagement
  • One trick Rich used to automate responses and still stay personal without becoming a slave to his inbox
  • The one thing you can add to your email to massively increase your clicks
  • And much, much more!

If you want to increase the results of your email marketing efforts you don’t want to miss this episode!



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