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Scott Scowcroft | New Frontiers for Entrepreneurship, a Deep Dive into Google's Free Video Production Services How would you like to get access to TV quality production tools for free with a global reach? That’s what Google Hangouts & Hangouts On Air give you and… it’s all free!

Join Ely with guest Scott Scowcroft in today’s episode where they talk about what Google Hangouts are and how YOU can use them for your business.

Listen in to the show and you’ll discover:

  • How a local business can use Hangouts to become the expert in their area
  • Why thinking locally isn’t thinking big enough
  • What to do to take your relationships and networking to a whole new level
  • Where to get started
  • and much, much more!

Even if you don’t think you’re business is “big enough” you don’t want to miss this show and learn that you CAN use these powerful tools to grow your business, for FREE!


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2 Responses to “DYM 090 – Scott Scowcroft: New Frontiers for Entrepreneurship, a Deep Dive into Google’s Free Video Production Services”
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  1. Ely, I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Scott. Very informative and helpful for entrepreneurs. With Google Hangouts On Air small business owners have a much easier process of producing quality content with the expense of hiring a video producer. Plus it’s a great way to sell new products and do split testing and market research without spending lots of money.

    1. DYM Producer says :

      sorry I hadn’t replied to your comment. It got caught up in spam for some reason. Just cleaning stuff up and saw it!

      Anyway… Thanks so much for the comment. Scott was a rockstar and shared great stuff. So glad you enjoyed it!


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