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A registered nurse and mother of three sons, Lynn Durham focuses on wellness. She has been, or presently is, an adjunct professor, columnist, speaker, consultant, retreat leader and personal well-being coach. Lynn blends the knowledge of a professor of nursing education, the wisdom gained at the Harvard Deaconess Mind Body Medical Institute and mixes it with life experiences, optimism and obvious joy.

Through her writing, speaking, TV or radio appearances, individuals at companies, associations, and schools are changing the way they see their world. Lynn has been called “a creative antidote to the challenges of day to day business …and… life.” After connecting with her light-hearted approach, people never see things quite the same again and feel better for it.

Did you know that 5 minutes of remembering a situation that angers you can depress your immune system for up to 6 hours? That your platelets get sticky with stress? That the telomeres on your DNA shorten and you age faster? Optimum well-being yields increased productivity, better mind/body functioning, more clarity in decision-making, more energy, healthier relationships and that leads to more success.

Today’s world is fast paced, complex and full – our choices endless. Lynn Durham RN Well Being Coach will give us some thoughts and tips on new choices that will help you feel better as she shares her tips on how to be more stress hardy.

Episode 003 Driving Your Marketing – Lynn Durham: From Frazzled To Fantastic

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