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Clyde Riddlesbrood | People are buying you; Be entertaining!“Think of a jar of peanut butter…If you don’t even get to the shelf, everything else is meaningless” – Clyde Riddlebrood

As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to stand out and create a brand that is mysterious, exciting, engaging and stands out. You’ve got to create magnetism that not just tells people about you but tells a story that commands your audience (AKA prospects & customers).

Join Ely and special guest Clyde Riddlesbrood, of Riddlesbrood Theater Company, as they share how your storytelling should persuade your prospects to see you as the best fit and WANT to do business with you.

“It’s not just the words you say, but also the manner in which you say them that counts.” – Clyde Riddlesbrood

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why creating your “fake corporate identity” is actually the wrong way to go
  • How to create your imaginary world and project that to your audience
  • Where the “Trump Factor” makes you stand out from the pack
  • When sharing your passion will create a lasting impression
  • And much, much more!



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