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Lynn Durham | From Frazzled To FantasticToday’s episode features Lynn Durham RN Well Being Coach.

During the show Lynn talks with Ely about how entrepreneurs can become overwhelmed and stressed out and she will give us ways to help deal with those everyday pressures so we can move past them and get on with our day.

Lynn Durham, the Author of “From Frazzled to Fantastic! You’re One Thought Away From Feeling BetterFrom Frazzled to Fantastic Your One Thought Way to Feeling Better“, started out as a nurse but has been focused and passionate about helping in health and wellness. As a single mom, and having experienced unemployment, she has been through stresses like the average person, but passionately believes in finding and trying to focus on the positive in every bad situation in order to stay healthy.

The power of the mind can create positive or negative chemical changes in your body, depending on you thoughts. When you become more aware of your reactions to situations you’re enabled to change how you react, which in turn will change how you feel and improve your health. The Heart & Math Institute in CA has studied how shifting your attitude can significantly boost your immune function in just as quickly as the change in attitude occurs.

In this interview:

  • Learn how to face and maneuver life’s obstacles so that you don’t “tip your raft over”.
  • Learn how to give yourself a gratitude adjustment and begin each day with a new point of view.
  • Learn how to give yourself a mini-vacation when you find yourself in stressful situations


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