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Allen Jordan | Search MarketingToday’s episode features Allen Jordan Managing Partner of The FarPoint Alliance, a digital marketing boutique, specializing in Search Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

During the show Allen talks with Ely about how search marketing affects today’s entrepreneurs and some basics that all business professionals need to know to make search marketing work in their favor.

Allen is the managing partner of Far Point Alliance, a digital marketing agency. Allen has been in internet world since 1982 combining technical world with marketing. In the 90’s he started an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to try to compete with AOL, but then he went into specializing in web page design and website hosting eventually narrowed down to the niche of digital marketing.

In this interview, Allen discusses search marketing and all of the different factors that play a huge role in it. Search engines are the new yellow pages as 66% of people use a search engine to make a purchase while 78% use it to research a service or product. Google has 86% of the search market, so to get into the first three pages of a search is the goal but to get on the first page of search results is the ultimate goal.

So, how can you get onto the playing field to be seen and ranked? Also, find out about online reputation and how it can negatively or positively impact your business and how to find out what others are saying about you. This interview is packed with so much more information!

  • Search marketing, what it is and how you can help your business get out there and be seen as well as the biggest challenges to search marketing.
  • What the terms SEO & SEM mean and what the difference is between the two of them.
  • Free online services that people can use to help them get out there and start seeing some results.
  • Also, find out what things to avoid so you don’t end up getting your site banned from search engines.


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