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Kristen Eckstein | Getting Your Book Out ThereToday’s episode features Kristen Eckstein, a sought-after book publishing authority and award winning international speaker.

During the show Kristen talks with Ely about why publishing a book can be so powerful for today’s entrepreneurs. She gives us tips and ideas on how to make the process less daunting. They also talk about how to get your book published and how to marketing your book once it is complete.

Kristen Eckstein is the author of “21 Ways to Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book” and “21 Ways to Powerfully Network Your Business”, and many more books. She shares how she started her own publishing company and just one of her websites

This interview is full of information about publishing non-fiction books and how you can use them to market yourself and your business. You’ll learn what questions you need to ask yourself to find out what you could write about and you’ll also learn tactics to keep you focused, so that you don’t end up working on it for years.

In this interview you will discover:

  • Key steps to getting published
  • Four main publishing options as well as the pro’s and con’s of the options.
  • Marketing tactics that you can use online or offline.


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