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Mark Jamnik worked in the advertising selling profession for 10 years and past clients include Procter and Gamble, Partnership for a Drug Free America and Discount Tire. When the economy shifted gears in 2008, so did Mark’s passion for his career.

No longer was he passionate about his job. At that point, Mark began pursuing “his purpose, his passion, his mission.” After two years of relentless pursuit, on a coaching call with his Tony Robbins coach he found his passion…coaching. He enrolled in an ICF accredited school (Express Coaching) a few weeks later and received his ICF certificate in June 2011.

Later in 2011, Mark was asked to speak at a TEDxPhoenix Salon. Recently, Mark has been asked to be the primary sales coach for the first conscious capitalism incubator in the United States, that will be launching in July 2012. “Everything about the opportunity falls in line with my key fundamental beliefs so it just makes sense” said Mark. Mark believes all coaches should have their own coach and is currently being coached through Business Breakthroughs International

Mark has combined his passion, his experience, his talent and his interests and has created Vezane (vah zah knee). Vezane means “connection” in Croatian, which is where Mark’s ancestors are from. Vezane helps coaches with their sales challenges as well as helping coaches create a curriculum for their own coaching programs to help “can and clone” themselves so they can maximize their impact in the world.

Episode 007 Driving Your Marketing – Mark Jamnik: Selling Is Serving

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