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Kristin Marquet | Kick Ass PR Strategies & Tactics For Small BusinessToday’s episode features Kristin Marquet President of Marquet Media, LLC, business columnist and author

In this jam packed interview Ely Delaney and Kristin discuss ways of creating value for your clients and finding your target market in order to narrow down who your message is intended for.

The more watered down your message is, the less people will listen to it.

Kristin Marquet with Marquet Media, LLC Agency, has worked in strategic public relations for about seven years. Her first job out of college was to work as a PR (public relations) marketing manager for an international law firm, but after about a year she began to build her own clientele and went out on her own. For the last six years she’s been working in lifestyle luxury space as well as financial PR.

Her specialty is putting together annual strategic infrastructure for a company and making sure it has a reputation management component as well as a crisis management component. However, soon she’ll be rolling out her own line of products that are specific to lifestyle startup companies in the US that will teach small business owners to be successful on the PR side of running a business.

Some things you’ll learn in this interview:

  • What is a PR strategy and how to put one together
  • How to find your core audience
  • Tactics to generate publicity right away
  • What is a pitch letter and how to write one


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