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Andreas Dudas is an entrepreneur, project manager and life coach, and author of the new book, “Do You Dare To Be Yourself? – Developing Power In Life and Leadership Through Authenticity.”

He is also the founder and owner of the BE SHiRO group consisting of various companies in Europe and Asia promoting and developing sustainable energy in emerging markets, and empowering individuals to live authentically and gain real power in life and leadership.

The company offers an extremely unique leadership paradigm based on authenticity. Lack of authentic leadership cost companies millions of dollars per year and Andreas’ effective style of leadership and training using principles he has developed have been critical in redirecting corporations that have engaged his services. In 2008 he released his German best selling book “Be-Shiro-Unleash The Power of Authenticity.” (German title: Shiro das grosse Wagnis; mit dickem Fell zu Authntizität und Selbstverwirklichung) His latest book is the American version of “Be-Shiro.”

He studied at various international universities and holds an MSc in Civil Engineering, an MBA in Leadership and Cross-Functional Teambuilding, and an MSc in Logistics and supply chain management. Furthermore, he has a degree in International Conflict Management and holds a diploma in Mental Training and Coaching. He was born in 1964 in Switzerland to immigrant parents who spent more than 10 years in a forced labour camp. This harsh background equipped him for the business leadership roles he has engaged in over the last 20 years. He has held positions in international management in top executive positions across various industries and in more than 25 different countries, mostly in developing and emerging markets.

He has been responsible for growth and development of multi-billion infrastructure projects that were previously in substandard performance, successfully restructured difficult and failing ventures in emerging markets and helped to successfully settle geo-political conflicts.

His career has taken him to Latin America, the United States, and the Middle East and throughout Asia. Apart from his extensive involvement in top management positions he acts as a mental trainer and motivational speaker and has added his vast life and leadership experience to empowering thousands of people for living and leading authentically. Because of his outstanding business performance he has gained a reputation of credibility and integrity earned through his authentic life and leadership style and has been entrusted with the most challenging leadership tasks from major companies around the world. Andreas is a real advocate for living an authentic life and becoming an authentic leader.

Episode 010 Driving Your Marketing – Andreas Dudas: Authentic Leadership

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