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Jim Signorelli | StoryBrandingToday’s episode features Jim Signorelli CEO of ESW Partners/StoryLab and Branding, Marketing and Advertising Expert 30+ year advertising agency veteran who loves a good story.

During the show Jim talks with Ely about the importance of storytelling not only in our personal lives but in the business world. He shares how something he has dubbed “StoryBranding” is a powerful marketing tool that every business should be using in growing their business.

Jim is the owner and operator of ESW Story Lab and also is the author of “StoryBranding”. Jim started about five years ago working at major agencies across the country; however, he has always been fascinated with advertising. As a young kid, instead of show and tell, he would get up and do mini-commercials for fake products. He even did split-test marketing on his paper route with notes saying “You need the news and I need the money, let’s make a deal” and “If you buy from me, I promise not to throw your paper in the bushes”.

In this jam-packed interview you will learn a lot about branding and how telling stories can be more effective in branding your product/service. They also discuss his new book “StoryBranding” and how he came to write it.


  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) vs. Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • What is a level-4 connection?
  • Archetypes and what they are.
  • Why story branding is the entrepreneurial way of branding



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