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Jim Palmer is known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’ – the go-to resource for maximizing the profitability of customer relationships. Jim is the author of three great books, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life and Stick Like Glue – How to Create an Everlasting Bond with Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, and Refer More! and Jim’s third book The Fastest Way to Higher Profits.

Jim’s book, The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life has received rave reviews from some heavy-hitters, including GKIC president Bill Glazer, who says “Jim Palmer is the ‘go-to’ guy on newsletters and ignoring his book will cause undue risk to your business.”

And success coach Lee Milteer says Jim Palmer is one of the greatest teachers to provide you with techniques and strategies to take you to an entirely new level of understanding, and success, in your business.

Jim is the founder and president of Custom Newsletters Incorporated, parent company of No Hassle Newsletters, No Hassle Social Media, Success Advantage Publishing, Concierge Print and Mail, MARS Training Program, Double My Retention, and a few others!

Jim is a cancer survivor, has been married for thirty years, and has four grown children. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Stephanie, and their cat, Linus and Toby the marketing dog. Jim and Stephanie love to kayak, travel, and spend time with their family.

Episode 012 Driving Your Marketing – Jim Palmer: Newsletter Marketing

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