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Steve Gumm | Value Based ContentToday’s episode features Steve Gumm a serial entrepreneur who has started or been a part of 8 different ventures. Steve is currently at promosumo.

In this interview Steve And Ely discuss making a shift from traditional marketing to a value based content & community approach; and the entrepreneurial experience.

They talk about the challenges and opportunities companies face thanks to evolving technologies. We touch on the necessary paradigm shift companies need to make in order to effectively build a loyal customer base and stay ahead of the curve.

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Highlight’s From Today’s Show:

  • Why Old School Interruption Marketing Doesn’t Work In Today’s World
  • As Entrepreneurs, We’re Going To Have A Roller Coaster Ride And How To Endure It
  • The Power Of Intellectual Equity
  • Why Price Isn’t The Issue most Of The Time
  • Why Having A Content Strategy Is Critical To Long Term Success
  • 3 Of Steve’s Favorite Tools For Using Technology To Automate And Keep Productive



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