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Lesa Crowe | Selling Isn’t A Bad ThingToday’s episode features Lesa Crowe the president and CEO of Itancan Advertising, Public Relations and Web Design based in Oklahoma City and Denver.

A graduate of Oklahoma State University and involved in the advertising field since the age of 14, Lesa and her firm Itancan (pronounced “eye-tawn-ken”) specializes in working with small to medium sized women-owned businesses, American Indian tribal entities, electric companies and national firms.

During the show Lesa talks with Ely about selling and how people are scared of it. They talk about how selling isn’t a bad thing and ideas on how to get better are it.

They have a great discussion about selling and why most people are afraid of selling. It’s about the difference between a salesman and a consultant. How they are really different and how we are all selling at some time.

Selling isn’t a bad thing, it’s about providing a solution to the right person when they need your guidance.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to establish the need
  • Why you need to change your message to match the person
  • The 4 personality types and how to work with each one of them
  • It’s all about being in the service of others
  • and much more…

During The Show:


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