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Chris Hurn | Personality Based MarketingToday’s episode features Chris Hurn a small business owner who provides financing for small business owners, he has a unique perspective on the commercial lending industry as well as a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and franchisee.

During the show Chris shares how you can “put your name out there” all you want and market yourself umpteen different ways, but none of it matters if nobody cares.

There’s a business principle that says “people buy from people.” But the truth is that people buy from people THEY LIKE. Get people to care about you and what you’re doing (and provide great products/services/experiences), and you’ll have great success.

Ely talks with CEO and Co-founder of Mercantile Capital Corporation and Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club about how to add personality to your marketing and take an otherwise commodity business and standout from the crowd, build raving fans and attract the right clients.

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During this show you’ll discover:

  • How average businesses an a huge advantage over the “big guys”
  • Why you HAVE to put yourself out there
  • How to get prospects to self select themselves so you only work with the best clients
  • How to use online and offline strategies to create the magic mix in your marketing
  • When stories can create a huge viral effect for you and your business
  • and much more….



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