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Lynnette Phillips is sometimes referred to (fondly) as a book pusher but originally started out in the literary industry as a humble book blogger and has blossomed from there. She offer tips, advice and coaching as a book marketer, has become an Indie author and delves into author needs and questions pertaining to digital publishing as well.

Lynnette is interviewed regularly as an expert in her industry and is has also been scheduled as one of the speakers for Dvorah Lansky’s 2012 Digital Publishing Summit. She also consults with a small publishing house doing, among other tasks, content review, marketing and book trailers.

Lynnette’s book marketing guides are available on Amazon and include “Where To Start When You Turn Off Your Computer: Offline Book Marketing Ideas to Build On” and her humble book blog has recently garnered an award for “The Top 50 Most Fascinating Blogs of 2012”.

Episode 022 Driving Your Marketing – Lynnette Phillips: Blended & Layered Marketing

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