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Lee Schneider is the creative director of Red Cup Agency, which does digital campaigns to lead product launches, startups, business rebranding or your business expansion. If you’re launching a new venture, publishing a book, or just want to get noticed online, he’s the guy to talk to.

In 1998 Lee started a production company called DocuCinema. It really was a game-changer for him, fielding crews, running a staff, working with networks. He’s always been a storyteller and media maker, but creating television like that really felt like the big time. DocuCinema is a vastly different company now, leaner and not-for-profit.

Lee was an obit and weather report writer for the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram, then a general assignment reporter, then a playwright in New York, then a cartoon writer, then a television writer, then a movie writer for Disney, then a news writer, then a news producer for E!, Fox and NBC, then a documentary director. You can get more details over on his profile on IMDB.

At one time he fronted jazz bands as a tenor saxophonist and played as a street musician in Rome – and he’s gained a real appreciation for simplification. Lee is doing media really differently now than he once did, with the Shelter project and the be global podcast and the TechSmart podcast. He’s working with online media that didn’t exist when he started out in Texas, writing in a reporter’s notebook and then going back to the newsroom to type on an IBM Selectric.

Lee likes writing for The Huffington Post and Storify, and posting images to Pinterest. He is attracted/repulsed by politics. Science is cool. He lives in Santa Monica, California with Tabby Biddle, a writer and editor. His daughter Carolyn lives in New York City and his son Dean is a designer of objects, furniture and things in San Francisco. His son Bodhi is a baby. They share a blog called Over 50 Under 5.

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