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Nikolas Allen | Right Tools To Reach The Right Audience With The Right MessageIn this episode of Driving Your Marketing, Ely interviews Nikolas Allen of BAM! Small Biz Consulting about how to use the “Right Tools to reach the Right Audience with the Right Message” for your small business.

Marketing isn’t optional and if you want to keep your doors open, you need to get in front of more people with your message. It’s the responsibility of the business owner to get their message out there and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it happen!

Today you’ll discover…

  • How to dig deep with your message
  • Why “Me Too” marketing is worthless
  • The 3 part recipe for marketing success
  • Why marketing should be easy and so many people make it too hard
  • The questions to ask to find commonality with your target market
  • And much, much more…



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