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Nancy Fox | Find, Attract and Captivate Your “Rich” Niche Marketing and Turn Them Into Ideal ClientsIn this episode of Driving Your Marketing, Ely talks with Nancy Fox, The Business Fox about “Rich Niches” and how to find opportunities in niches what will increase your client base and your profits.

As Counter-Intuitive as it sounds, niching your business will create faster growth and higher profits for your business than remaining a generalist.

This is the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make, thinking that by focusing on one niche at a time, they are going to lose business. By niching your business, you grab a larger share of the market and build responsive prospects and clients that love you and resonate with you and your message much more.

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In this great interview you’ll discover…

  • How to find your perfect “Riche Niche”
  • The opportunities available by finding niches with a “bright future”
  • How to communicate with your “rich Niche” to ring their bell and your cash register
  • How to use LinkedIn and other forums to learn their lingo
  • Benefits VS Solutions and why solutions are what they really want
  • How to find the right Joint Venture Partners with your “Riche Niche”
  • And much, much more…



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  1. […] Nancy Fox, The Business Fox, has been a business consultant since 1999. She’s coached hundreds of business owners and professionals in business development strategy, online and offline marketing, niche marketing, networking, and sales, guiding them to breakthrough levels of success. […]

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