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Patrick McFadden is the President of McFadden Coaching and the author of these blogs: Indispensable Marketing and McFadden’s Blog.

He is a blogger, marketing coach/consultant, and has published a eBook: Creating A Marketing Funnel: How to Generate Customers & Build Your Brand. He has been featured on web portals and been the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Patrick is also a guest on radio programs across the United States.

Patrick McFadden specializes in creative thinking for marketing success. He is very dynamic and unique with his broken-field-running teaching style, noticing how concepts or principles connect to each other, and then helping individuals or companies make that leap and transformation into higher levels of success. This is what makes him so excited about teaching, consulting and coaching.

Episode 031 Driving Your Marketing – Patrick McFadden: The Blueprint To Profits

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