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In this episode, Ely interviews the Pitbull Of Personal Development himself, Larry Winget. Larry has five New York Times best selling books and is one of the top speakers in the world!

So what does it take to grow your business in today’s economy? Larry and Ely talk about Personal Responsibility and how authenticity can take you from being mediocre to excellent.

Are you willing to do anything it takes? That’s the real answer to success in today’s world. There’s more opportunity today than there has ever been and by standing for something and being clear with your message, who you serve & who you don’t serve, you can set yourself up for the success you are really looking for.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why you must learn to adapt to survive
  • How to find what your prospects are buying and watching trends that will ensure your growth
  • Why having a clear brand will make you more money
  • The one phrase that’s guaranteed to be the kiss of death for your business
  • Why Customer Experience is more important than the product itself
  • One phrase that will make you stand out above 99% of your competition
  • and much, much more!


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  1. […] Larry Winget is the best branded, most recognizable speaker in the business. Many speakers claim to be original, but Larry Winget is THE original. He has established himself as an icon in the world of personal development and self-help. You won’t find many people who won’t recognize him as a result of his five national bestsellers, his thousands of on-stage appearances or his many regular television appearances. […]

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