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 Jeff Schneider | Why Sales Is Much Harder In The New EconomyIn this episode of Driving Your Marketing, Ely talks with Sales Trainer Jeff Schneider of Schneider Training Solutions on the comparison of marketing and sales, why sales is much harder in the new economy and the “Buyer Seller Dance”.

Jeff shares the Sandler training systems on how to become a Rockstar in sales for any business.

Get your pen and paper ready! This content packed episode will give you the tools to increase sales and completely change the way you think about selling in your business.

Here’s just a small bit of what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • What the Buyer Seller Dance is
  • 4 Things that traditionally make sales difficult
  • The 70/30 rule and how it your prospects will connect with you because of it
  • How to stop “The Chase”
  • How to be seen as a trusted advisor
  • The 4 points of the buyer process
  • 7 Steps to selling
  • The best way to avoid becoming an “unpaid consultant”
  • and much, much more…


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  2. […] Jeff Schneider is President of Schneider Training Solutions, an authorized agent for Sandler Training. His company is based in Portland. Sandler is the leader for innovative training solutions for sellers and managers nationwide. Jeff has trained thousands of salespeople and sales managers up and down the West Coast, on topics relating to sales, sales management and personal development. […]

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