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Cathey ArmillasWhen companies need to reach people in unique ways, they call on Cathey Armillas. She has been notorious for creating wildly successful marketing strategies. She runs PURA Marketing and is the author of the book The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You.

Cathey’s use of the Unbreakable Rules of Marketing has helped reach millions of people and quadrupled her clients’ sales. In one example, she created a viral marketing campaign for a client by shredding items such as soccer balls, torpedoes, even a Volkswagen, and posting videos of them online. It landed the client on the David Letterman Show, CNN, CNBC, the Discovery Channel and many other national TV shows; as well as netting them $25 million dollars in additional revenue in the first year it ran.

Cathey’s mission is to teach people the unbreakable rules of marketing so they can use them in their efforts to get people to love them, and love what they do.

Episode 045 Driving Your Marketing – Cathey Armillas: The Rules Of Marketing

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