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Connie Kadansky How many of you find yourself reaching for the phone to call a prospect — and you stop – you immediately find something else to do rather than getting on the phone?

Because of her expertise, in overcoming “Sales Call Reluctance,” Connie Kadansky earned a solo article in the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to a cold call, she was paid to do a radio commercial for American Express. Connie helps salespeople of all types around the world in diverse industries get their “ask” in gear.

Connie has either coached individually or in groups on four continents, that includes the U.S., Canada, from Singapore to The Netherlands, Germany to Rwanda, Africa, Australia, Cyprus to Saudi Arabia and facilitated training in Jamaica last month for a Pharmaceutical Company from India.

Episode 049 Driving Your Marketing – Connie Kadansky: Overcome Sales Call Reluctance and Start Making Proactive Prospecting Calls

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