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Alyssa Dver

Alyssa leads Mint Green Marketing to provide revenue-producing marketing help to companies around the world. With a track record of success in product management, marketing, and sales, she is a thought leader and hands-on practitioner that brings practical, efficient marketing assistance to clients including: Nokia, Choice Hotels, IBM, IDC, Logmatrix, Aberdeen, J Ross Wine, DSI […]

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Lee Schneider

Lee Schneider is the creative director of Red Cup Agency, which does digital campaigns to lead product launches, startups, business rebranding or your business expansion. If you’re launching a new venture, publishing a book, or just want to get noticed online, he’s the guy to talk to. In 1998 Lee started a production company called […]

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Elayna Fernandez

Elayna was born and raised in lovely San José de Ocoa, in the Dominican Republic. She is the proud happy mother of Elisha and Elyssa, proud member of a loving and affectionate family, proud sister of 4 younger amazing siblings. She loves people, animals, the Earth, herself and YOU. Elayna’s philosophy is “Be Positive and […]

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Tom Trush

Tom Trush is a Phoenix-based direct-response copywriter who helps business owners and entrepreneurs create lead-capturing marketing materials. His marketing approach is based on the belief you can never go wrong with your marketing when you show compassion and a desire for helping people. In addition to working with clients across the globe, Tom shares his […]

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P.R. Chase

P.R. Chase is the author of The Design Democracy and founder of The Revolution Training Program. Known as a design wizard (minus the robe) , he is the definitive expert on using modern and unconventional branding techniques to achieve results faster, more effectively and for a lot less money. He has contributed guest articles to […]

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Lynnette Phillips

Lynnette Phillips is sometimes referred to (fondly) as a book pusher but originally started out in the literary industry as a humble book blogger and has blossomed from there. She offer tips, advice and coaching as a book marketer, has become an Indie author and delves into author needs and questions pertaining to digital publishing […]

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Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is an Online Branding Expert and Video Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build breakthrough brands on the Internet, so they can have more visibility, credibility and profitability. Lou delivers innovative and creative online branding strategies, including video marketing, social media marketing and online video coaching and consulting. Lou works […]

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Arvee Robinson

Arvee Robinson is a Master speaker trainer, international speaker, and author. She teaches business owners, service professionals, and entrepreneurs how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy so they can attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, grow their businesses, and get their message out to the world. As a high-energy motivational speaker, Arvee has […]

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