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Tonya Hofmann | Turn Strangers Into VIP ClientsJoin us for this episode of Driving Your Marketing with Tonya Hofmann CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association.

Tonya and Ely talk about about how to turn strangers into VIP clients in your business. In today’s world you should learn to market yourself before your business. In this episode, we’ll be talking about why that’s so important and how to position yourself as the expert and Go-To person.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Where networking fits in to growing your business
  • Who you are when it comes to personalities (and how to make that work for you)
  • Where the best place is to have a coffee meeting
  • How to find the fine line between “too much” networking
  • When eavesdropping can actually help you help more people
  • What the single most important question is to ask yourself every day
  • And much, much more


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