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Sherrie Wilkolaski | A Book Is A Marketing ToolIn this episode of Driving Your Marketing, Ely chats with guest Sherrie Wilkolaski, founder and president of Author’s Boutique™ and PubSmart™.

Sherrie shows us exactly how any business owner can use a book as a marketing tool to skyrocket their business. She also shares a ton of tips on how to get published in record time (12 weeks or less) and ways to use that book to leverage more clients.

Listen in to this episode to discover:

  • How a book positions you as the expert
  • Why you need to have a goal with the book first
  • When to give you book away for free
  • What to do to ensure your book can be carried by book stores
  • Where to distribute your books and get a ton more exposure
  • And much, much more!



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