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Brenda Trott | If You Can Speak, You Can WriteYou’re born with the right to become an entrepreneur and if you can speak, you can write!

Listen in to this episode of Driving Your Marketing where Ely talks with Brenda Trott founder of Done4U Media Marketing about how she’s become the “Make Money While You Sleep Girl” using the powerhouse of Amazon and becoming an author of over 20 books that not only establish her as an expert but also generate an additional income stream to her business.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to use Amazon to research hot trends
  • What’s changed from old school publishing
  • How Amazon has leveled the playing field to help anyone become an author and get published
  • Why giving away your best stuff is ok when it comes to your book
  • Why your book cover can make or break your success
  • And much, much more!



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  1. […] Brenda Trott, M.Ed is often referred to as the “Make Money in Your Sleep Girl. She is the founder of Done4U Media Marketing which works with businesses with less than 50 employees market their business through “attraction marketing.” She has authored over 20 books including Facebook Marketing with Facebook Graph, Social Media Dating Guide for Small Business, and The Facebook Easy Button. […]

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