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Desiree Wolfe | How To Dejunk Your Business And Get More Sh*t Done In this episode of Driving Your Marketing, Ely has a fun conversation with “Rebel Mamapreneur” Desiree Wolfe about how to dejunk your business and get more Sh*t Done. No matter what business you’re in, time management will always be a huge issue until you get a system in place. If you’re a home based business, it’s even harder with family and friends wanting to come hang out with you all the time.

Desiree shares her tips and tricks to how she is such a Rockstar with her business while still being the Rebel Mom she is!

Listen is with Ely & Desiree and hear…

  • Why Desiree walked out on the “Perfect Job” and her story to becoming an entrepreneur
  • What one tool makes her MASSIVELY productive and organized all week without the overwhelm
  • How one action she took saved her a ton of time and grew her business much faster
  • Desiree’s #1 productivity tip that will make you feel like a success
  • And much more!



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