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Mimika CooneyMimika Cooney is a South African born international award winning photographer, TV Host, published author, speaker and small business branding and marketing expert.

Mimika has worked and owned four businesses in three countries along with her husband in South Africa, England and the USA. With experience in website design, public relations and business administration in South Africa and England; she has been a specialist portrait artist and photographer for eleven years.

Mimika’s photography work has appeared on television on an American PBS TV documentary, she has authored two books on photography and regularly speaks at professional photography and marketing conventions in the UK and USA.

Mimika has experience as a live on-air TV broadcaster and presenter as the host of “York Today” a magazine show in England in 2003. She was trained in TV presentation and broadcasting by CNN news anchor, Nadia Bilchik, in South Africa.

She travels the world to speak at professional photography and marketing conventions training other small business owners.

Mimika is the creator and host of her own web show “Mimika TV” where she interviews successful entrepreneurs and teaches marketing and branding tips at

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Mimika’s passion is sharing her branding, marketing and video production knowledge through executive coaching and her signature courses.

Mimika has been mentored and undergone training by the photography and business industries most renowned authorities like Andrew Warner, Michael Port, Lois Greenfield, Sarah Petty, David P. Macdonald and others.

She now focuses on executive coaching, teaching courses, public speaking and writing to share her knowledge with the world.

Episode 096 Driving Your Marketing – Mimika Cooney: How To Design Your Business Brand

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