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Mike Shelah | Leveraging Connections With Linkedin To Meet Anyone You WantWhat if you could get an introduction to almost anyone that you want to meet with just a few words?

LinkedIn is the #1 tool to find prospects AND get personally introduced to them by your trusted friends and colleagues.

Today Ely is joined by Mike Shelah as they talk about how LinkedIn is such a powerful tool to connect with your prospects, leverage more information about those prospects and establish yourself as an authority without sounding salesy.

In this episode…

  • Discover the power of “2nd Degree” connections
  • How to get in the door with someone that hasn’t returned a single phone call or email in the past
  • What makes your profile grab someone’s attention
  • Why your photo is such a critical piece of your profile
  • How to leverage groups to become known as a trusted resource to your prospects
  • The single strategy that can help speed up your time on LinkedIn and still make you look like a Rockstar
  • And much, much more!!!


  • Mike’s WebinarMention “Driving Your Marketing” & Get your Free 12 point Linkedin Profile Review


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  1. […] Mike Shelah began sharing his insights and perspectives in 2011 on LinkedIn with audiences throughout Maryland. In 2015, He founded Mike Shelah Consulting to work directly with companies and sales professionals nationwide to help them find more customers and find them fast, leveraging the power of LinkedIn. […]

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