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Andrea Waltz Flip your thinking about success. The more “no’s” you get, the more “yes’s” you’ll get by default!

Join your host Ely Delaney with special guest Andrea Waltz the co-author of “Go For No! Yes Is The Destination, No Is How You Get There”

Along with her partner Richard Fenton, Andrea has made it her mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection, sharing an entire new mindset about hearing the word NO.

We hate to hear the word “no” from prospects. It can be devastating. Yet, it’s the way we get to success. Turn your mindset around and change your definition of failure.

In this fast paced episode of Driving Your Marketing, you’ll hear about:

  • What No REALLY means
  • How to keep on a hot streak
  • Why going after low hanging fruit can actually work against you
  • How to force yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Amazing statistics that can turn your business around immediately
  • And much, much more!
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